Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wisdom of Dogs

This morning an electrician came by to do some work in my kitchen. Sébastien ignored him, didn't go near him. If a friend comes over, even one he's never met before, he will bond with them instantly and spend at least 20 minutes demanding they demonstrate how much they love him.

It's amazing how they pick up on things, perhaps from our body language, perhaps tone of voice. My old dog could tell when I was ordering pizza. Just by the way I picked up the phone. He didn't react when I'd pick up the phone for social reasons, or non-food related calls to companies, but before I could even push the first button of the phone number to a restaurant he was in his usual pizza's coming mode.

The pizza's coming mode, by the way, consisted of running at top speed through the place, up and down the stairs or into the bedroom running around in circles on the bed.

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